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· 8 min read
Nina Bażela

Husarion Panther is a heavy-duty, autonomous mobile robotic platform designed to perform in the most challenging applications. We want to allow our clients to concentrate on developing their innovative solutions based on Panther without wasting unnecessary time figuring out how to handle our robot or integrate it with external components. That’s why our developers work hard to ensure that your experience with Panther is smooth, safe, and intuitive, allowing you to start working with our robot right away.

With the latest release of Panther ROS Driver v1.1.0, we have introduced a bunch of new features to enhance user experience and safety, including:

  • A new panther_manager based on BehaviorTree.CPP, which allows you to easily control the robot’s behavior in real-time and debug it on a visual interface.
  • A velocity smoother for better control of the robot’s movement and an extended Kalman filter configuration for improved odometry information.
  • Enhanced reporting on battery state and efficient handling of hardware-related errors based on the compatibility with the robot’s predefined configuration.

· 5 min read
Nina Bażela

This fall, Husarion is excited to exhibit and engage in an idea exchange during the 2023 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2023) in Detroit, USA.

Held from October 1-5, IROS is a forum for the international robotics research community, emphasizing future directions and the latest approaches, designs, and outcomes. The theme of IROS 2023, “The Next Generation of Robotics,” will be reflected in plenary and keynote talks, workshops, tutorials, forums, competitions, tours, technical sessions, and… exhibitor stands.

Drop by our booth 418 to see our products in action:

  • Panther - an industrial grade outdoor AMR, this time with a docking station and a web user interface in Foxglove,
  • ROSbot XL - a universal, ROS 2-native mobile robot platform, showcasing autonomous mapping & navigation and mobile manipulation with OpenMANIPULATOR-X,
  • Husarnet - a low-latency peer-to-peer VPN for next gen robotic fleets.

· 5 min read
Nina Bażela

We all know that limiting CO2 emissions is one of the most urgent goals we face today. But what if I tell you that, at this point, limiting emissions simply isn't enough, and we must also start actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere? What’s more, with regulations introduced in recent years, carbon removal is no longer just a matter of social responsibility, but it has become a business necessity for many companies. The price of emitting one tonne of CO2 is almost €95 in the European Union and $51 in the USA, creating both an ecological and business need to develop efficient carbon removal techniques. Unfortunately, most carbon removal techniques are expensive, do not generate financial profit for the companies and produce waste instead of a useful outcome.

But what if companies could remove carbon, thus reducing CO2 emissions, without incurring costs? What if they could actually use the removed carbon for something useful and profitable instead of discarding it? This idea stands behind the project of Rock-Farm, a business that provides services of carbon removal by… building rock walls. What’s even more interesting, they do it fully autonomously, using Panther as a base for their masonry robot.

· 5 min read
Nina Bażela

Husarion Panther is a heavy-duty robot designed for a variety of outdoor use cases across agriculture, logistics, mining, and other industries, so we do everything to ensure that its performance is stable and resilient even in the most demanding conditions. This requires not only robust construction, well-designed electronics, and sufficient IP protection rate, but also reliable and efficient software.

That’s why we are pleased to announce the release of Panther v1.0.0 ROS driver - an updated version of Panther software stack, optimized for safety, performance and enhanced user experience, both when working with the physical robot and with its simulation.

In this article, we will dig into the new features of Panther introduced in this release, including:

  • new LED animation system that enables you to signal complex Panther behavior easily and efficiently
  • a revised version of the URDF model of Panther
  • changes for optimized safety and performance.

Let’s get started!

· 5 min read
Nina Bażela

As proud members of the global robotics community, Husarion is excited to support the largest event of the year in robotics and automation - ICRA 2023 in London.

With this year's event theme of "Embracing the Future - Making Robots for Humans", we are looking forward to exchanging ideas and networking with R&D experts and academics, collaborating towards showcasing high-impact innovations in robotics.

Curious to know what we will be showcasing at our booth F12?

Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming attractions:

  • Panther - an industrial grade, professional UGV for outdoor environment
  • ROSbot XL - our brand new autonomous mobile robot for R&D and custom indoor use cases
  • Husarnet - a low-latency peer-to-peer VPN for next gen robotic fleets.

· 6 min read
Nina Bażela

Designing autonomous solutions for agriculture is not an easy task. While there are successful examples of robots autonomously planting, inspecting or picking more accessible crops, there is still a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that remain out of reach when it comes to autonomous harvesting. And there are reasons for that - agricultural environments can be harsh and extremely variable, posing the challenges both to the mechanical robustness of the robot platform and its abilities for autonomous navigation. Another problem to solve is implementing crop picking, which requires algorithms for efficient fruit localization, assessment of its ripeness and plucking without causing damage to the crop, which is especially demanding in case of fragile fruits.

All these challenges didn’t discourage members of EPFL CREATE Lab, who recently developed a proof-of-concept solution for harvesting raspberries, using Panther as a base for their mobile robot. Their novel approach allowed them to achieve 80% successful harvesting rate during the first field test. What was their key to success?

· 8 min read
Dominik Nowak

As proud members of the global ROS community, Husarion is pleased to support ROSCon 2022 in Kyoto as a Silver Sponsor.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will be able to see at our Booth 11:

  • ROSbot XL - premiere of our brand new autonomous mobile robot
  • presentation of Panther - an industrial grade, professional UGV dedicated for outdoor environment
  • presentation of our partnership with Vulcanexus - great use cases of their software performing on our ROSbot XL.