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You can download here pre-configured Linux images for single board computers.


Please find OS reinstalation guide in ROSbot 2.0 manual;



NOTE for ROSbot 2.0 PRO users

Make sure that you have right BIOS settings:

  1. Connect a keyboard and a monitor to the robot and turn it on
  2. Press ESC during system booting to enter a BIOS settings
  3. Keep password input field empty and press ENTER
  4. Go to Chipset -> South Bridge -> SCC eMMC Support
  5. Set to" PCI mode"

Please find OS reinstalation guide in ROSbot 2.0 PRO manual;


Internal Computer (Raspberry Pi 4)

This is the system image for Raspberry Pi 4 that acts as an internal computer in Panther. Please find a flashing instruction here.

On-board Computer (inside the user's space)

There are some standard computer options, but you can connect any computer with Ethernet card here. This is the main brain of the Panther robot.

Intel NUC or HP G2

Go to flashing guide in Panther's manual