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About Husarion's software

Route Admin Panel#

Husarnet is a P2P, VPN network dedicated for robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Thanks to Husarnet you can connect your robots, server and laptop to a single network that is independent from any external infrastructure. All traffic goes directly between your robots.


STM32loader is Python script used to upload or download firmware to / from STM32 microcontrollers over UART.

Mbed studio#

The example project is part of the Arm Mbed OS Official Examples and is the getting started example for Mbed OS. It contains an application that repeatedly blinks an LED on the Mbed OS supporting boards.

hFramework (deprecated)#

hFramework is a library for creating software for mechatronic devices (e.g. robots). It's completely open sorce. In this tab you can find a lot of useful tips and examples how to use it properly.