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Docker Images For Husarion's Robots

DockerHub repoGitHub repoROS versionTarget PlatformDescription
husarion/ros2-desktop-vncros2-desktop-vncFoxyROSbot PantherA ROS 2 desktop with a LXDE graphical environment + noVNC.
husarion/rosbotrosbot-dockerMelodicROSbotPySerial adapter to access ROS nodes on ROSbot's STM32 MCU
husarion/rplidarrplidar-dockerMelodicROSbot PantherAn official repo for RPLIDAR A2/A3 by Slamtec, closed in a Docker image
husarion/astraastra-dockerMelodicROSbot PantherAn official repo for Astra RGBD camera by Orbbec, closed in a Docker image
-panther_lightsNoeticPantherControlling front & rear 46 x pixel LED strip