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Operating System Images

Husarion OS is a Ubuntu LTS based operating system customized for ROS powered robots.

You can choose one from 4 available flavours depending on ROS distribution you want to use:

  • ROS 2 Humble
  • Vulcanexus Humble
  • ROS Noetic
  • Minimal
💡 Compare
ROS 2 HumbleVulcanexus HumbleROS NoeticMinimal
Base OSUbuntu Server 22.04 LTSUbuntu Server 22.04 LTSUbuntu Server 20.04 LTSUbuntu Server 22.04 LTS
Docker version





Docker Compose version





ROS packages
  • ros-humble-desktop
  • ros-humble-teleop-twist-keyboard
  • vulcanexus-humble-desktop
  • ros-humble-teleop-twist-keyboard
  • ros-noetic-desktop-full
  • ros-noetic-teleop-twist-keyboard
Installed DDS (default bold)rmw_fastrtps_cpp
rmw_fastrtps_cpp - -
VPNHusarnet VPN ClientHusarnet VPN ClientHusarnet VPN ClientHusarnet VPN Client
Additional Envs - -


Husarion OS images are available for Raspberry Pi 4 and Intel NUC single board computers. Follow the steps below to get the operating system image for your SBC and perform the initial configuration for your Husarion robot.

Get the image

Choose one of available platforms:

Intel NUC for ROS

1. Download one of the images

2. Burn the image on SSD disk

Use Etcher to burn the chosen os image on the SSD disk and then plug the SSD disk into the appropriate slot in your Intel NUC computer.

First run

Now you need to get access to a Linux terminal of the SBC. There are two options:

Option 1: Using display, mouse and keyboard

  1. Plug in a display with HDMI, mouse and keyboard into the USB port.
  2. Open Application Launcher (Husarion Logo in top-left corner) > System Tools > Terminator app (or with a ctrl + alt + t shortcut)

Operaing system GUI

Option 2: Using an Ethernet adapter

  1. Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer and another one to the SBC.

  2. Set a static IP address on your computer for its Ethernet card in a subnet, eg:

    • IPv4:
    • mask:
  3. To connect with ROSbot via ssh, type in your terminal application:

    ssh husarion@

    The default password for user husarion is also husarion.

Husarion OS ssh window

Setup for a robot

Depending on what Husarion robot you are using, launch the command below with the appropriate command line arguments:

sudo setup_robot_configuration <robot_model> <ros_version>

<robot_model> options:

  • rosbot_2r if you are using ROSbot 2R
  • rosbot_xl if you are using ROSbot XL

<ros_version> options:

  • ros_noetic
  • ros2_humble
  • vulcanexus_humble

Next steps

Now your operating system image is configured and you can follow our quick start guides for ROSbot XL or ROSbot 2R.