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Installing Husarion OS

Husarion OS images can be obtained for many different computer platforms and single board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi 4, UP Board, and Intel NUC.

These computer platforms are use across Husarion robots:

RobotComputer Platform
PantherUser Computers
ROSbot XLIntel NUC or RPi 4
ROSbot 2RRPi 4
ROSbot 2 PROUP Board
Panther Built-in Computer

To reinstall Panther Built-in Computer (RPi 4) follow this guide.

To acquire the appropriate operating system image for your SBC and complete the initial setup for your Husarion robot, please adhere to the instructions provided below.

Obtain the image

Select from the available platforms:

Intel NUC for ROS

  1. Download one of the following images

  2. Write the image onto a USB Flash Drive

    Employ Etcher to write the selected OS image onto a USB Flash Drive. It is recommended to use a USB 3.x pendrive. Next, insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB 3.0 port of the Intel NUC computer.

    For ROS Noetic image

    For ROS Noetic system image, it may be necessary to turn off "Secure Boot" in your NUC's BIOS settings. Follow the steps below:

    1. Power on your NUC and press the F2 key.
    2. Navigate to the Boot tab.
    3. Select and change the Secure Boot option to Disabled.
    4. Also on the Boot tab, select Boot Priority, uncheck Legacy Boot and check Boot USB Devices First.
  3. Write the image onto the internal SSD Drive

    Connect the pendrive, a keyboard and a display to the SBC and turn the power on.

    System does not boot?

    If the system does not boot from the USB device, press F12 during computer startup to access BIOS settings and modify the boot order. Also in the Security tab, go to Security Features and uncheck the Intel Platform Trust Technology option.

    Login to the OS installation system (username and password are husarion).

    Execute the following command in the Linux terminal:

    sudo ~/ /dev/nvme0n1

    You will be prompted to confirm the target disk for OS image installation. If it is correct, press 'y' to initiate the installation process:

    installing the OS image with ROS

    File System Resize

    The script only copies the image to specified disk. Therefore, it is necessary to follow further instructions, including using the setup_robot_configuration, to extend the disk partition.

  4. Shutdown the System


    sudo shutdown now

    And when the system is turned off, the USB Flash Drive from the USB port.

Robot Setup Guide

First run

  1. Connect a display using HDMI, and plug a mouse and keyboard into the USB port.
  2. Launch the Application Launcher (Husarion Logo in the top-left corner) > System Tools > Terminator app (or use the ctrl + alt + t shortcut).

Operaing system GUI

Robot Configuration

Execute the command below with the corresponding command line arguments, based on the Husarion robot you are using:

sudo setup_robot_configuration <robot_model> <ros_version>

<robot_model> options

  • rosbot_xl if you are using ROSbot XL
  • rosbot_2r if you are using ROSbot 2R
  • rosbot_2_pro if you are using ROSbot 2 PRO
  • panther if you are using Panther

The Intel NUC computer on the Panther robot currently has official support only for the OS image with ROS Noetic.

<ros_version> options (optional)

  • ros_noetic
  • ros2_humble
  • vulcanexus_humble

For ROS 2 Humble, Vulcanexus Humble, and ROS Noetic OS images, this parameter is detected automatically.


Your RobotCommand to execute
ROSbot XLsudo setup_robot_configuration rosbot_xl
ROSbot 2Rsudo setup_robot_configuration rosbot_2r
ROSbot 2 PROsudo setup_robot_configuration rosbot_2_pro

Proceeding Steps

With your operating system image configured, follow our quick start guides for ROSbot XL or ROSbot 2R / 2 PRO.