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Operating System Reinstallation

System reinstallation

In some cases you will need to restore ROSbot system to its default settings:

  • in case of accidential damage of the system,
  • to update the OS (it can be udpated remotely, but flashing the microSD card can be easier sometimes),
  • to clear all user changes and restore factory settings.

This process will differ depending on ROSbot version that you have.

Download one of the following operating system images for ROSbot 2R:

Minimal OS image
Base OSUbuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Docker version20.10.17
Docker Compose versionv2.3.3
ROS packages -
Installed DDS (default bold) -
VPNHusarnet VPN Client

Minimal OS image also allows you running ROS 2 nodes but with Docker. Find a rich set of Docker images here.

Open top cover of ROSbot XL and Extract SD card from ROSbot XL's Raspberry Pi 4.

Burn the chosen system image on the SD card with Etcher or Raspberry Pi Imager.

using etcher for flashing ROS system image

Insert the SD card to the ROSbot and turn it on.