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For indoor applications

ROSbot XL is a flexible, ROS 2-native mobile robot platform designed for indoor applications and research. It boasts sturdy hardware and provides reference projects utilizing essential ROS 2 technologies, including Nav2, SLAM Toolbox, and ROS 2 Control.


ROSbot XL features a modular electronic design for easy integration with various components and offers three single board computer options: Raspberry Pi 4, Intel NUC, and NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano.

ROS 2 powered

Open source Robot Operating System driver is available for ROSbot XL. Broad amount of detailed tutorials, manuals and software packages will help you get started even quicker.


SBCDefault user computer: Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB RAM). Can also be configured with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano (8GB RAM, 250GB SSD) or ASUS NUC ( i3-1315U 16GB RAM 250GB SSD).
Digital BoardReal-time controller based on STM32F407 microcontroller.
Power BoardUSB-C Power Delivery input (12-20V) which supports simultaneous power delivery and battery charging.
DC motor4 x Xinhe Motor XH-37D, 12VDC nominal, 10000rpm. Maximum mechanical power: 10W, no load speed at the output shaft: 200 rpm, stall torque at the output shaft: 21 kg*cm, stall current: 5.4A, gear ratio: 50
Encoder4 x Magnetic, 64cpr, 16 poles
IMU sensorIntelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor BNO055, more details
Li-Ion Batteries11.1V 7800mAh 86Wh
AntennaConnected directly to Wi-Fi module.
SpeakerDriven from Digital Board or from SBC (selectable source).
Basic params
max speed0.8 m/s
weight5.4 kg
operating temperature-20°C to 50°C
charging temperature0°C to 45°C
run time (typical case)2 - 6 h
minimum ground clearance32 mm
maximum carrying capacity10 kg
nominal shaft torque0.75 Nm
maximum shaft torque2 Nm
nominal total traction force17 N
maximum total traction force69 N

Configuration Packages


You can find more information about each of the packages here

3D Model

Default Package Content

Each ROSbot XL configuration package contains:

  • ROSbot XL mobile platform
  • A USB-C charger (65W)
  • Two sets of wheels (4x regular and 4x mecanum).

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