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Basic C++ for robotics - Arrays and Pointers

Part 1

This LIVE Class took place on Jan 26th, 2021

Part 2

This LIVE Class took place on Feb 9th, 2021

In this Live Class, you will learn how to use arrays and pointers, which are very common tools used in C++ programming.

Robot Used: ROSbot 2

What you'll learn:

  • How to work with arrays in C++
  • How to work with pointers in C++
  • How to apply these concepts to robot programming

ROSject link

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  • IMPORTANT: In order to start practicing quickly, we are using the ROS Development Studio. You will need a free account to attend the class. Go to and create an account prior to the class.

Class creator: Alberto Ezquerro

Class cover designer: Lorena Guevara