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Husarion Robot Simulation Tutorials

Welcome to our dedicated resource section for Husarion robot simulation tutorials. Here, we provide a set of materials focusing on how to simulate Husarion robots using a variety of simulation engines including Gazebo, Webots, and O3DE within the ROS ecosystem.

We have made sure that each tutorial is precise, structured, and practical, making your learning experience efficient and productive. By using these materials, you'll be well equipped to unlock the full potential of Husarion robots in a simulated environment.

Gazebo: Gazebo is a powerful 3D dynamic simulator for robotics, offering robust physics, rendering, and sensor models. This open-source tool enables testing of robots in complex environments, under various conditions, thereby significantly aiding in research, design, and educational purposes.

O3DE (Open 3D Engine): The Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is an open-source, real-time, multi-platform 3D engine developed by the Linux Foundation. It delivers high-fidelity visuals and extensive tools for developing intricate 3D simulations, making it a great choice for creating realistic and complex robotic simulation scenarios.

Webots: Webots is a professional robot simulation software that allows for modeling, programming, and simulating mobile robots. Providing a wide range of pre-designed models and environments, it enables quick prototyping and boasts a user-friendly interface that supports various programming languages.