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Autonomous Mobile
Robots Made Simple

We provide mobile robotic platforms, software and connectivity solutions
which allow you to build your own autonomous systems
based on ROS & ROS 2 easily and efficiently.

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Autonomous, mobile robot platform dedicated for outdoor environment. Depending on the use-case it can be equipped with a robot arm, LIDAR, RGB-D camera, GPS, UWB and other additional equipment. It can be used in various areas of application such as agriculture, rescue, inspection and many more.

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Aluminium chassis
4 x BLDC motor drive
80 x 90 cm footprint
100kg payload
7 km/h max speed

Robot arm
RGB-D camera
UWB navigation

4 x quadrature encoder

Go-to platform for ROS

Our autonomous, open source robots can be used as a learning platform for Robot Operating System (ROS). ROSbot offers not just the hardware platform itself but a full scope of educational tools such as: development platform, online tools, simulation models and a wide range of dedicated tutorials and manuals which will make the learning process smooth and efficient.


Enhancing AMR

Our robust, autonomous, mobile robots can be used as a development platform for a variety of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) applications. ROSbot is equipped with a set of ready-to-use sensors typically used in AMRs: LIDAR, 3D camera and distance sensors so there's no need to purchase additional equipment. However, it also offers a wide possibilities for extensions through the back panel if needed. Dedicated development platform, simulation models and a wide range of tutorials and manuals makes building a code and then scaling it to a real-life solution easy and effortless.


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P2P VPN network dedicated for robots, autonomous vehicles and industrial IoT applications. It allows you to connect your devices without any central cloud forwarding traffic. Think of it as global LAN network for your devices.

Devices with Husarnet Client installed communicate with each other directly, without any “central cloud” forwarding traffic.

Husarnet Base servers are used only when your devices acquire new IP address or join a new network, to help them find each other over the internet.



We have vast experience in designing and building autonomous mobile robots (AMR) dedicated, among other, for inspection, agriculture and transportation applications.

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electronics design
embedded software design
mechanical design
certification consulting

ROS software design
simulation model design
robot connectivity
fleet management systems

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What do our clients say?

“We have used the ROSBot platform in teaching at MSc level for two consecutive years now. We’ve found it to be a very useful platform for teaching the principles of ROS. Students have also gained skills and experience in accessing a variety of sensor data, and have created control algorithms to navigate an obstacle course. The hardware is generally robust and reliable, and most importantly the support we have received from Husarion has been excellent.”

Dr Rob Wortham, Director of Studies, MSc Robotics & Autonomous Systems, University of Bath, UK

“ROSbot 2.0 from Husarion is a robust and easy to use platform for educational and research purposes. We have been using a fleet of these robots to emulate autonomous cars in a scaled down, experimental road traffic scenarios. Thanks to its detailed documentation, which includes many examples, and an active forum for developers, working with ROSbots has been smooth and enjoyable.” Sergio Grammatico, Associate Professor, Delft Center for Systems and Control, TU delft