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STM32loader is Python script used to upload or download firmware to / from STM32 microcontrollers over UART. This software is installed on all of husarion image in default.

STM32loader installation

Please log into your SBC and follow this step by step tutorial on how to install and configure this tool.

1. Disable husarnet-configurator and husarion-shield services and reboot your device. These processes are responsible for connection to the Husarion Cloud and they also control GPIO pins that are used for uploading the firmware. We will need the direct access to them. Run:

sudo systemctl disable husarnet-configurator
sudo systemctl stop husarnet-configurator
sudo systemctl disable husarion-shield
sudo reboot

2. Install necessary support libraries for your device:


pip install RPi.GPIO


cd ~/ && git clone
cd ~/python-periphery && git checkout v1.1.2
sudo python install --record files.txt

Asus Tinker board:

cd ~/ && git clone
cd ~/gpio_lib_python && sudo python install --record files.txt

Restart the terminal after the installation.

3. Install stm32loader:

cd ~/ && git clone
cd ~/stm32loader && sudo python install --record files.txt

stm32loader usage

Printing help:

stm32loader --help

To remove bootloader run:

sudo stm32loader -c <your-sbc> -W
sudo stm32loader -c <your-sbc> -e

where <your-sbc> is:

  • tinker for Asus Tinker Board
  • upboard for Upboard
  • rpi for Raspberry Pi

To upload the firmware.bin directly from SBC copy the firmware from your template project's BUILD/RELEASE/ directory to SBC using scp. Following code will copy firmware.bin file to remote user's home directory.

scp firmware.bin user@address:~/

To flash new firmware log into your SBC and in the directory which contain the firmware run:

sudo stm32loader -c <your_sbc> -e -w -v firmware.bin