ROS Tutorials

4. Telepresence robot kit - quick start

This kit allows you to build your own telepresence robot in just about minutes.

If you don't have one, you can purchase the complete kit here.

4.1. Unboxing

The kit contains:

  • CORE2 robotic controller
  • Metal robot frame
  • 2 x Wheel
  • 3 x Li-Ion batteries 18650
  • Li-Ion charger
  • Screwdriver

4.2. Assembly

To make your robot work properly, you need to complete few following steps written below. Start with mechanical assembly:

  • Put each wheel on the coupler and screw it on with M4 screw.
  • Put CORE2 on the designated place and fix it with four M3 screws.

4.3. Cables

Connect the peripherals:

  • Left motor to hMotD
  • Right motor to hMotC
  • Servo to servo1
  • IMU to hSens2
  • Insert three Li-ion 18650 batteries into the battery holder
  • Plug in DC power cable.

very important: DC motors with encoders and servo should be connected to proper ports like this:

Properly assembled CORE2 telepresence robot

4.4. Connecting to the cloud

  • Scan QR Code - your device is now paired with your robot.
  • Insert device to your robot and screw on mounting elements.

4.5. Programming

  • Place your robot with CORE2 facing up and turn it on.
  • Open WebIDE ( and create a new project using template 'self-balancing telepresence' and upload it to your CORE2.

  • When robot is programmed, open its user interface and click 'Turn off motors'.
  • Pinch upper part of your robot and by pushing it back and forward set it to balanced vertical orientation.
  • When you find proper position (when you are using the less force to hold it stable) click on 'Calibrate' button in Web UI.
  • Now after clicking 'turn on motors' your robot will start balancing correctly.

To steer your robot use WSAD keys or arrows. Use G key to switch leg position and 1, 2, 3 keys to change gears.