Custom Mobile Robot Design

We have vast experience in designing and building autonomous mobile robots (AMR) dedicated, among other, for inspection, agriculture and transportation applications.

We are able to handle a full spectrum of areas associated with designing AMRs:


  • electronics design
  • embedded software design
  • mechanical design
  • certification consulting


  • ROS software design
  • simulation model design
  • robot connectivity
  • fleet management systems

Send us an e-mail and let’s discuss your next robotic project:

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If your project is more multidisciplinary, or simply needs more resources, we can also handle that! We cooperate with two partners specializing in completely different areas, so we can offer an unique mix of technologies. As a result we respond do the diverse and complex customer needs, providing comprehensive solutions.

Meet our partners

CSHARK is a company making tailored software solutions with IT outsourcing and IT consulting. By combining business knowledge and technical skills in the areas of software development, FinTech, artificial intelligence, they deliver innovative, robust applications across all platforms.

Focus areas:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Front-end
  • Mobile

The Knights of Unity is a company of professional Unity developers. The key areas of expertise are gameplay programming, UI, UX, custom shaders, secure multiplayer server back-ends and advanced AI scripts. The company creates Unity plugins, provides code reviews and security audits and teaches Unity.

Focus areas:

  • VR
  • AR
  • Unity
  • Game development