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User Computers

This subpage contains additional descriptions and manuals about Panther's User Computers not included in Panther options.

PC02 - Intel NUC


The Panther platform can be configured with the option PC02. The Intel NUC User Computer is mounted in a dedicated place on User Shelf inside Panther. The instructions below will guide you on how to mount and set it up within your robot.

Mounting in Panther

  1. Turn off the Panther.
  2. Open the Cover following instruction, then you can access the inside of the User Space.
  3. To remove the User Shelf loosen 6 x DIN 912 M5x12 screws and disconnect cables connected between the router and Panther.
Remove User ShelfRemove User Shelf
  1. Mount PC02 using supplied screws (M3x8) to User Shelf.
NUC screwsNUC screws
  1. Place the User Shelf in the Panther and tighten 6 x DIN 912 M5x12 screws.
Remove User ShelfRemove User Shelf
  1. Plug the supplied Ethernet cable into the PC02 and Teltonika RUTX11 router.
  2. Plug-in supplied power cable:
    • DC5.5 mm to PC02
    • XT60 to 19 V connector in User Power Panel.
  3. Close the Cover following instruction.

Applying DHCP Static Lease

  1. Turn on the Panther.

  2. Wait until Panther fully boots up and connects to its Wi-Fi network.

  3. Go to the router config page and log in with the username admin and password Husarion1.

  4. Make sure that Mode advanced is enabled. Check it in the top right corner. If Mode Basic is shown, click on it to change it.

    Remove User ShelfRemove User Shelf
  5. Go to Network --> Interfaces and click edit on Lan Network

    Remove User ShelfRemove User Shelf
  6. Edit Static lease named nuc. Next, type in the MAC address (supplied during purchase) and click Save and apply. If you do not know the MAC address, you can find it under Status --> Network --> LAN page. By default, the User Computer inside Panther has IP, but it can be changed to any value in the range between to

  7. You can access the User Computer through its new IP (default: If it is not available, turn off and back on the Panther.

Configuring Soft Shutdown

Following these steps will allow the Build-in Computer to request the shutdown procedure on the User Computer or any computer you install.

If you are setting up your User Computer with the default IP address and username husarion select the Default configuration tab. In case the IP address or username differs from the defaults, select Custom configuration tab.

The default configuration assumes the system was installed following the steps in User Computer system reinstallation.

  1. SSH into User Computer ssh husarion@
  2. Exchange SSH public keys between the Built-in Computer and the User Computer with ssh-copy-id husarion@

By default, the ROS driver on the Built-in Computer will try shutting down the User Computer at IP address with the username husarion and the command sudo shutdown. That is why no other changes are required for it to work in the default configuration.

After following those steps, when pressing the Power Button sudo shutdown will be invoked on the User Computer. The Built-in Computer will wait for the User Computer until it gracefully shuts down before shutting down itself and powering off the robot.


The Built-in Computer's ROS driver is capable of shutting down not only one User Computer but as many as you want. It is also capable of running custom shutdown commands and much more. Refer to the panther_manager ROS package documentation to see how to edit shutdown_hosts.yaml to reflect your needs.