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Panther Troubleshooting

This subpage contains information for troubleshooting issues with Panther.

RUTX11 Issues

SSH Connection Failed: No Valid SSH Public Key on Router

If you see the following message during WiFi setup, it means there is no valid SSH public key on the router:

SSH connection failed. Most likely there is no / not valid SSH public key on router.

This issue usually occurs after reinstalling Panther's system, which generates a new public/private SSH key pair. To fix this, you need to copy the new public key to the router.

  1. Log into the Built-in Computer (default ssh husarion@ password: husarion) and then execute the following command:

    ssh root@ "tee -a /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys" < ~/.ssh/
  2. When prompted, enter the RUTX11 password (default: Husarion1).

If following steps above did not resolve the issue please describe your issue on our community forum: or to contact with our support: