CORE2 v1.0.0
hFramework::hCAN Class Reference

Provides CAN interface. More...

#include <hCAN.h>

Public Member Functions

void init ()
void sendFrame (CAN_frameTx &frame)
void enable ()
void disable ()
bool waitFrame (CAN_frameRx &frame, uint32_t timeout=INFINITE)

Detailed Description

Provides CAN interface.

Member Function Documentation

void hFramework::hCAN::init ( )

Initialize a CAN interface.

void hFramework::hCAN::sendFrame ( CAN_frameTx frame)

Send CAN frame through CAN interface. This method blocks task until frame is sent.

framereference to CAN frame object used for transmit data
bool hFramework::hCAN::waitFrame ( CAN_frameRx frame,
uint32_t  timeout = INFINITE 

Read CAN frame from a buffer (if buffer is not empty) or wait for a frame.

framereference to CAN frame object used to store received CAN frames.
timeouta timeout value (in milliseconds)
true - if frame has been received before timeout, otherwise false.

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