Husarion Core2 robotic controller Core2 with WiFi Core2 with RaspberryPI Husarion Core2 robotic controller

Husarion CORE2

Development board for Internet-connected automation & robotics devices.

Choose version:
Basic version with a Wi-Fi module
Advanced version with a Raspberry Pi Computer and Linux running ROS


Powerful hardware for mechatronic projects

  • STM32F4 microcontroller
  • built-in ports for DC motors with encoders
  • variety of interfaces that work with most of available sensors

Efficient development framework

  • based on Real-Time Operating System
  • with strong support for hardware peripherals (DMA's, interrupts, timers etc.)
  • powerful, but simple API in C++

Programmable through Husarion Cloud WebIDE

You don't need to install any software on your computer. A web browser will suffice.

Video streaming support

Stream the video & voice along with other data with a single line of code.

Web User Interface

  • share your device in the same way you share a photo to your friends
  • you decide how the robot interface looks like

2 configurations

  • CORE2 - with ESP32 Wi-Fi module
  • CORE2-ROS - with a Raspberry Pi running ROS

Build first prototype in minutes

With CORE2brick kit build first prototypes using LEGO® Mindstorms® elements, and develop your robot software before final mechanic is ready.

Compatible with ROS:

Use a rich set of software components useful in robotics that just work and are tested by developers around the world.




You program CORE2 using a set of libraries called “hFramework”. This is based on Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and gives you elegant API in C++11.

Take a look at example in the window. It creates a RTOS task with a semaphore that waits until user presses “up” button on a keyboard in web UI of your CORE2 at . If the button is pressed motors 1, 4 and servo 1 rotates 90 degrees and PID regulator working in background holds this position.

This is only an example. You can easily create much more sophisticated, autonomous algorithms for you robots using not only hFramework but also Robot Operating System (ROS).

#include "hFramework.h"
#include "hCloudClient.h"

hSemaphore sem;
IServo& s1 = hServoModule.servo1;

void onKeyEvent(KeyEventType type, KeyCode code)
  if (code == KeyCode::Up) {
    if (type == KeyEventType::Pressed) {

void hMain()
  platform.ui.onKeyEvent = onKeyEvent;

  s1.calibrate(-90, 700, 90, 1500);

    while(1) {
      if(sem.take()) {
        sys.delay(500); //ms

See our projects with CORE2

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